Red Velvet: Memoirs of a Working Girl – Lisa Lou

Red Velvet: Memoirs of a Working Girl

‘Red Velvet’ is a poignant memoirs of an elite call girl Lisa Lou.It depicts Lisa’s journey from being abused by her father in her childhood to becoming a high class prostitute.Her sexual calender further propels her in being a decorative arm candy of her wealthy lover and eventually leads into Lisa running an escort service.
Words fail me when it comes to describing the readings.Memoirs of a courtesan(escort) could not get more raw and sensuous. This book is overtly sexual, erotic and graphically mind-blowing. Absolutely delicious!!!



7 thoughts on “Red Velvet: Memoirs of a Working Girl – Lisa Lou

  1. It is not from Lou who posted here before is it….I have missed her voice so much ….in fact I made a site to mourn the loss of bloggers….and she is one that never came back.

      • sorry…I realised after I posted the first time…sorry. If it is a brave book I am glad to hear it. The person I am speaking of was also a brave person and I hope she is ok.

      • Yes me too…she blogged wildly for a time…it was so nice for me to get an ex-sex worker’s point of view on what I was, and what I was doing. And then we kind of became blog friends. She loved Pink madly…much more than I do (I mean l like Pink well enough, but not the way she did). Her life had gone wrong after she gave up sex work, and she was blogging about that. And she read my posts too, and she commented on what I was doing as I was starting out. We were both anonymous for reasons of what we are and were being unable to be public…..and then suddenly she stopped, and I miss her, I miss her voice terribly. So kind and sensible to me. And so good to so many other people. I do hope she is ok, I really do.

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