The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Why you should not name your cat –Noboru Wataya.

1)-The cat hates it, gets livid and disappears.
2)-Obscurity and grief numbs you over claustrophobic endurance. You rummage around for your precious in sweltering sun, places you do not know. You get anxious with every passing moment. Acquire a funny taste in your mouth that makes the coffee taste like sewage.
3)-You wander at the railway station counting all bald heads; clueless while gazing at every commuter.
4)-Listen attentively to horrified war stories as though they would bring you salvation from your immense suffrage.

Why is it crucial to name your cat-Noboru Wataya.

1)-The cat hates it, gets livid and disappears.
2)-You begin receiving anonymous sex calls.
3)-You meet the most peculiar and amusing creatures fascinating with their oddities.
4)-You startlingly receive keepsakes from your past social dos.
5)-Mysterious women nurture your psychedelic dreams on a regular basis giving you a ‘boner’ making you take cold showers several times during the day.
6)-Your desperation for the lost cat releases strong magnetic waves attracting females of all age group seducing your senses.
7)-You have wild sex in all its divinity.

Take your pick! Toru Okada did and it was compelling among his own idiosyncrasies.



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