Bird In A Cage – J.W. McKenna

Bird In A Cage

The name Claire Thompson undoubtedly enhances my biases when it comes to reviewing her assorted penned erotica. It gets a bit tricky to undervalue her books as I am constantly enamored by the entrancing BDSM flamboyance. Thus, it disheartens me to write that this book falls short in capturing my alluring mind. Michael fails to be the charismatic ‘DOM’ who authorizes every move of his obedient with retaliatory panache, even without considering the fact that he himself is skeptical of his own “Master” persona. On the contrary I would have preferred him being subservient to Lara. Conversely, pertaining to her function or personal fondness for submissive role play, Lara came across as a person who would rather be better off commanding Michael to comply with her sexual rules.

This volume particularly differs from the regular continual plots highlighting the concept of a newly formed BDSM relation through individualistic perspective and experiences of both the characters. For me, this style of recounting became wearisome as my eyes intently searched for Thompson’s sexually sinister flair that usually shines through various role-playing procedures. Claire, I really miss your writing these days, the sexually overdosed stringent plots which make me tune into Enigma soundtracks and devilishly smirk as my intellect travels to sinful destinations. I very much pine for those sexually explicit executed actions; predominantly in this reviewed book.



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