The Last Sex: Feminism and Outlaw Bodies – Arthur Kroker

The Last Sex: Feminism and Outlaw Bodies

The idea of creating a Recombinant Sex- one that is free of all prejudices in order to combat the ongoing anarchy of sexual existence is highly unappealing.

The Krokers(Arthur & Mari Louise) who have specialized in post-modern culture theory believe that we live in a time of crash sex and splatter culture, where the weaker sex (women, homosexuals, are sacrificial victims to the stereotypes of sexual biases. Therefore, to achieve the will of purity it has become necessary to create a “third sex”.

“transgendered sex for an age of transsexuality, where sex, most of all, has fled its roots in the consanguinity of nature, refused its imprisonment in the phallocentric orbit of gender, abandoned the metaphorical sublimations of discursive sexuality, finally finding its home in a virtual sex”

The writings have been profoundly influenced by Baudrillard post-modern ideas of gender politics and simulacra. Even though the post-modernist elite do make a noble point of the need to eradicate sexual biases, yet their solution of creating a ‘virtual sex’ is preposterous. Rather than engaging in serious solutions to the problems of gender and sexuality, the Krokers come up with frivolous and hackneyed theories of transgendered sex. It appears as an act of taking the painless route out and pinning the solution onto technological fundaments.



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