The Taste of a Man – Slavenka Drakulić

The Taste of a Man

“Food was part of our intimacy, our union, as important as touching itself”.
The ‘Taste of a Man’ is a dark chilling story incorporating cannibalism as a pathway to amalgamating a sexual union- – two bodies as a whole.

Tereza fell in love with Jose the moment he walked into her life. A passionate stormy affair over food and sex made Tereza want him even more. She devoured his touch, his smell and every bit of the existing passion. Tereza wanted Jose- mind, body and soul. Tereza wanted him to animate her from inside her body. But Jose had other plans. Untoward circumstances brought devastating betrayal to Tereza throwing her into an abyss of madness. Finally, deranged obsession propelled Tereza to do the unthinkable.

Do I pity Tereza? Was Tereza’s obsession some kind of demonic hunger of physicality or an act to achieve spiritual immortality of love or just sheer insanity? I do not know. All I wonder is how someone can love so passionately with such gusto that irrationality overrules reality. Drakulic sure know how to pen a haunting novel.



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