Bared to You – Sylvia Day

Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)

Who Wet that Pussy??? :- Gideon Cross, A Pimp and Sexual Parasomnia.

Gideon Cross :- Uh, who the hell are you?

A Pimp Formely Called Slickback (aPFCS) :- Mr. Cross this is ‘A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback’ and I have come for an intervention.

Gideon :- What are you called now?

aPFCS :- Are you an imbecile, boy! It’s ‘A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback’ like “Artist Formerly Called Prince”.

Gideon : – Is this some kind of a joke?

aPFCS :- Are you a Michael Bolton fan? Say with me now ‘ A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback’.

Gideon : – You’re a pimp then?

aPFCS:- Are you deaf? This is an intervention. Word is that you have a Chronic Pussy dependency.

Gideon : – A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback , I do not need any help from you.

aPFCS :- Sir, let me tell you that chronic pussy dependency is a serious matter. A hungry pussy fucks with your money, your health and may give you an erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Gideon :- I do not need your help. I simply do not approve what you do to women.

aPFCS :- Oh well, do you see me running around searching for a pussy, pretending to be a Master Dom.

Gideon :- But, you hit women.

aPFCS :- No way sir! I do not hit women. I do them hos hard.

Gideon :- Eva is neither a ho nor a bitch!! I love her!

aPFCS :- You love nobody, boy! You and that Christian Grey, you like them wet pussies.

Gideon :- You gotta trust me. I really like Eva and she ravenously craves my dark side.

aPFCS :- Now, look you crying over some pussy, again. Let me help you.

Gideon :- No way!! I just can’t!!

aPFCS :- It’s okay Mr. Cross to be a ‘pussy-holic’. Some, boneheads can’t get it inside , you can’t get outside a bitch’s pussy. We can beat this!

Gideon :- For the last time Eva’s not a bitch and I really like her. You have to trust me. Even take pills for my sex parasomnia.

aPFCS :- You sleep sex? Mr. Cross I’m unhappy to say, but you my boy are sleeping in them pussies.

(A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback recites a prayer asking for a divine intervention.)

aPFCS :- Lord, please pray for the soul of the pussy. And guide my pimp hand and make it strong, Lord. So, the one who wet the pussy might learn his place. Amen.

Gideon :- You are not going to hit any women!!

aPFCS :- What woman , Sir? This here is a wet pussy.



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