Collingwood School – Jessica Brandt

Collingwood School

Wow!! Absolutely fantastic! My nerves energized in a euphoric bliss like a girl who found her favourite licorice in a candy store.

For disobeying her Master , Sage was sent packing back to Collingwood , a rarity in case of triumphant graduates. She knew she would be punished for being a rebellious submissive, but Gervais who had a soft spot for Sage, decided to use her as a training specimen in his classes. Sage was an idyllic subservient with lustrous skin, curves that surprisingly softened with her ballerina-esque sways and eyes that would pierce through the strictest confrontation. It was not surprising after all, when Derek Riddle picked her as his subject when he enrolled for his Domme “Master” courses. Riddle did not attain the crucial authoritarian behavior of a Domme as he was soft( as per Domme principles) and could be easily manipulated, nevertheless was surely possessive about Sage , a common trait seen in a Master and his subservient. Through various disciplinary training sessions and several sexual maneuvers of astounding orgasms which Sage described as ‘ la petite mort’( a little death) ; Riddle wanted to extend his contract( binding Sage) beyond the aesthetically gothic walls of Collingwood School; only if Master Evan would have made things a bit easier. Evan , another practicing Domme , shared a deep dark secret with Sage unknown to the school authorities. Evan came across as an immoral sadistic face of sexual supremacy which delineated an adverse face of sexual psychosis.

Jessica Brandt pens one of the most seductive and spellbinding scripts I have read in the current batch of erotica. The romantic part of the narrations, appreciatively, does not fade the prevailing aura of the BDSM theme which is exploited with utter finesse. I’m quite proud to notify that some of the bondage sessions illustrated, nearly anesthetized my senses and shook me a little. Curling of toes clenching on my skin for their dear life, parched throat and uneasiness in my sitting position were some symptoms, I heroically endured during this particular reading. I believe that if you resist all the sensory signals of your brain while reading this book and carry the mounting anticipation to bed you could make a certain someone extremely happy and alcohol does not even become mandatory. Although this theory is not tested yet, I can knowingly say that through couple caffenine doses and several bottles of chilled water, I endured the reading patiently while resisting my own ‘une petite mort’.



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