Nocturnal chimera – Midnight melodies…..

Above the misty mimosa,
Swallows chasing the sun
On the gracious kimono,
A satin rose spun.

Upon perfect picture,
With colours aglow
The heart whispers,
Melancholy indigo.

“Hello” says the red robin,
To the virgin spring
Mislaid the words,
In a worldly bargain.

Fly you wretched bird!
The eels spin in rage
A world so absurd,
Crying at its fate.

Do clouds leave the sky?
From memories do dreams fly?
Though the words may die,
Their sounds beautify.

To sweet lullaby,
The butterfly sways
Moon on its wings,
As solitaire swell,
Is this farewell?


All bloody and wild,
Let the roses grow
Tender fields defiled.

Moistening the lips,
On the scarlet nectar
Wails the river silts.

If beauty chides,
The fumbling heart
Then perverse it is.


A needle in a haystack,
Shining like the sun
On a frosty riverbank,
Searching happy puns.

From a cloudy couch,
Roaring rain unchained
On a sultry mound,
The hearts pounced.

Fireflies on rocks,
Glow in the dark
Upon supple skin,
A pink watermark.

In these lips,
Savor the hips
Mindful stimuli,
Be love’s alibi

The grass shivers,
The pond whispers
Dragonflies spoil,
The watery poise.

In the morning dew,
Trembles pale orchids
A lust so horrid,
Cuts a heart in two.


4 thoughts on “Nocturnal chimera – Midnight melodies…..

  1. Your poem is simply serene, floating as a lily pad in the backwaters of my psyche, whetting my appetite’s dreams. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day 🙂

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