This is Who I Am (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) – Cherise Sinclair

This is Who I Am (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7)

A little kink was one thing. Needing to be hurt was entirely different.

Until the moment when the flogger seductively aroused the supple skin to a crimson glow, the arousing sound crackling through the midnight rain on my window, I was unaware of the burgeoning feelings within me. Oh, Shadowlands how have I missed you so dearly! Where do I begin to tell the tale of my misery? A spate of recent erotica drought had brought along disheartening shadows over my literary raptures. “Brace yourself, little girl!” , said Master Z. And so I did, being enticed all over again by the captivating Shadowlands.

He’d done his best by her, and she’d been the sweetest, most responsive submissive-masochist he’d ever met. The chemistry between them had been a bonfire. She’d trusted him, given him what he asked for, and in return, he’d transformed what might have been a nightmare of pain into something wonderful for her…

Ah…. let’s see where do I begin? A half-ass bottle of Glenfiddich, a few licorice rolls and the brazen seductive tone of Master Z. And, then there was Linda, my pet character. What I found intriguing about Linda was her growth as a submissive-masochist from her previous nightmares at the auction. Under the tutelage of Master Sam, after overcoming the initial trepidation, it was rather astonishing to see Linda coming into her own, easing into the BDSM pleasures. Sinclair ups her mesmeric sexual game, by delightfully depicting the camaraderie between the “normal” lives and the clandestine BDSM club lifestyles of role-playing, thus erasing the stigmatization that follows the BDSM life-style. The lives of Master Sam and Linda beyond the walls of untamed dungeons, respect S& M as a preferred sexual means and consensual gratification as long as sexual hostility is not excessively integrated.

Speaking of Master Sam, that man failed to entice me! Or is it that when it comes to Shadowlands, nothing beats the sexual potency and raw magnetism of Master Z. Master Sam’s brazenness as one of the most charismatic Domme dangled between his skilful handling of a bullwhip and his amorous possessiveness for Linda, leaving a somewhat vacant place in the area of sadistic -sexual arrogance I was hoping for. Throughout sexual shenanigans between Linda and Sam, it was the sexual transformation of Linda that appealed to me. Linda as an audacious woman and a budding SUB was more compelling than the other submissives in the Club.

Although the sexual nuances were comparatively milder considering the commanding orgasmic raptures in the previous numerical volumes, the undertone of a fulfilling relationship between Linda, Sam and their children and also the members of the Club enveloped the rambunctious BDSM shortcomings. Sinclair once again does a brilliant job bringing utter delight to me on a gloomy night with a cherished snippet from the blissful life of Zachary and Jessica, refreshing a bunch of enthralling recollections.

When it comes to Shadowlands, it is Master Z all the way! Sorry, Sam.



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