Gaijin – Remittance Girl


“Is there a fate worse than death, Gaijin?” he asked, looking out over the snowy city.“Would you prefer to end your life this way, over the side of my balcony?” Gently, he drew the edges of her ruined dress apart, pulling it off her shoulders and letting it drop to the decking. “If you don’t have enough courage, I can help you.” His whisper was like soft sand on paper.

Shindo-san! Shindo-san , can make anyone visit the four-finger deep wilderness. Gaijin is like a dainty firework waiting to be lit and rocketing in the sky with the most amazing colours, some sparkles shining brighter than the others. And, when the spectacle is over, you left desiring for more, much more.

Across one shoulder and down the right arm, almost to the elbow, flaming peony petals rippled against the wings of Luna moths. On his chest storm of cherry blossoms engulfed a geisha, despite her parasol.

Cherry blossoms, Luna moths, golden carps, kabuki samurai fighting blue dragons stretched on the taut and shiny skin and the sinister rowdiness of a Yakuza boss; I knew exactly what I was getting into and I could not contain my grin. Firstly, it is not a romantic erotica (thank god for it!) and for those who expect this to be an PG review, the strawberry twizzlers are at the kiddie table and while you are at it , please hand me the leather cuffs. The prose write-up is remarkably compact and captivates with every stiffened fist and hypnotic with the rhythms of lustful pain. There were times when my anticipations for the script made me insatiable for stricter sexual nuances and yearned for some synchronised kinbaku knotted entanglements. Why couldn’t the Yakuza boss be a kinbakushi? Am I being a tad greedy? Fucking hell! Why not! Non-consensual /consensual sex, Yakuza boss, willful Gaijin-san Jennifer’s lustful groan from pleasurable pearls encompassing all elements of an alluring dark erotica and no shibari techniques! May be in the next one, isn’t it so Remittance Girl? Yet, it was luscious and attractive read and not a single regretted moment in this miniature erotic treasure engrossed with the sexual magnetism and the incredibility of those hidden pearls.

“I’m just a foreigner. Just a stupid gaijin.”



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