The Essential Chomsky – Noam Chomsky, Anthony Arnove (Editor)

The Essential Chomsky

“Language, in its essential properties and the manner of its use, provides the basic criterion for determining that another organism is a being with human mind and the human capacity for free thought and self-expression, and with the essential human need for freedom from the external constrains of repressive authority.”

A comprehensive jamboree of Chomsky’s political, social and psychological critiques under an intellectually challenging umbrella encompassing fundamentals of ‘language and freedom’ and the unvarying ratifications of imperial hubris negotiating predatory utopianism through narrow domains of democratic illusions , strategic nationalism and camouflaged anarchism.

Having been a Chomsky reader for several years now, debating his anti-war propagandas and social prominence of the Human Rights movements , the constructive stimuli of human nature and his staunch capitalism v/s globalisation dogmas ; Chomsky’s solidified affirmation of “hegemony is a higher value than survival” holds considerable weightage to worldwide political economical doctrinal systems. Chomsky’s ruthless yet conscientious criticism and scrutiny extends in an overwhelming evidentiary investigation of methodical monographs of national and international policies beyond the universal constitution of human language and cerebral responsibilities of political pundits and leaders promulgating miscalculated “groupthink” exercises and dilemmas of individualistic interpretable analogies of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

“In every society there will emerge a caste of propagandists who labor to disguise the obvious, to conceal the actual workings of power, and to spin a web of mythical goals and purposed, utterly benign, that allegedly guide national policy…….. Sometimes the ideals miscarry, because of error or bad leadership or the complexities and ironies of history. But a horror, any atrocity will be explained away as unfortunate or sometimes tragic, deviation from the national purpose………”



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