Accidental Slave – Claire Thompson

Accidental Slave

The calming reverberations of ENIGMA and the scrumptious prose of Ms. Thompson, I can’t think of a better way to unwind. The aura of the dungeons deliriously lurking at the bed corner, the intrigue of the House of Usher clamouring within the printed sentences and the girlish giggles enticing me from scene to scene. The euphoria of a Claire Thompson book!

Saucy slut girl likes it rough. Sometimes disobedient, this slave will pretend to protest, but it’s just a game. Use her hard and soundly. While she’s crying, “No, no,no!” she really means, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Instruments of pleasure/pain: Flogger, whip, cane, paddle, tight bondage, ball gag, needle play, pony play.

Limits: None.

Ah….. these words appeased my senses. Witlessly, was I craving for an erotica and this one merely stumbled into the right hands or should I say tantalized the right spots. So, hearty welcome sweet Elizabeth, drugged and craftily positioned at an auction. The DOMs waiting to select their perfect SUB. Equals appreciating the exchange of erotic power. Sexually heightening power exchange sketching fine lines between fetishes and perversions. The allure of romantic submission intermingling with the feral erotic suffering titillating the cyclical manipulation of pain and pleasure; the “romance of erotic suffering”. Ha! Can this get any better! Luscious wordplay corresponding with well-crafted sex session stamps my eternal love for Ms. Thompson’s penned erotic wonders.

Cole grinned. “It can be whatever you want. It’s the intensity of experience that makes it so phenomenal. Lick the surface of the vanilla, and find layers of chocolate, of coffee, of caramel, of mango and mandarin orange. With enough trust and desire, there’s no limit to what you can discover.”

With all the myriad flavours drawing me into a fancy bliss, the vanilla insipidness seeped through the dreary power struggle between Gary Dobbins and Elizabeth. Although the entire idea behind the envious plot was the scheming initiation of Elizabeth into the ‘House of Usher’, nonetheless I gave a slimy rat’s ass to the volatile equation between the two professional rivals. All I sought after was the sensationalism brought by the smouldering chemistry linking Cole and Elizabeth.

Ms. Thompson is known for her dexterity to interlace teasing titillations of BDSM sessions within the sensitive yet untamed circumstances. Elizabeth’s metamorphism from a dominant professional to a sexually charged obedient submissive , impresses throughout the slow twisting of prose akin to the sensual rules of the BDSM playroom. At times, Cole Pearson’s compassion did overrule his charisma as a disciplinarian DOM , but then he did make it up in the endorphin charged orgasmic submission lessons. If shortened by a chapter or two, it would have created a perfect blend of feral eroticism amid the uniformly tuned S&M exploration. Yet, it left a persistent smile, a charming respite. Fuck yeah!



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