Our Man Friday – Claire Thompson

Our Man Friday

What’s love got to do with a little ménage? What’s love got to do with some backup dick? It seems it does. You’re too much the gypsy when it comes to love! Always seeking something new. Threesome, much? Sex ruins everything. Seriously ‘der ! Mr. McClellan ,he is seriously packing! Fabulous sex, bitchahellacockin’! After a dry spell on the erotica front, I mean books…duh! , an instant urge for a pleasantly satisfying ménage à trios in need of an immediate fix. Yes! “pleasantly satisfying” , is what I was looking for. I’m not a sucker for romance. Give me a St. Andrew’s Cross over a lingering sweet kiss, anytime. But hey! A girl’s gotta have her R&R! Just some overly spent ménage sessions.

Six bottles of beer down, two to go. Is this some kind of song I’m hearing? So, what have we here, gypsies of love, Ian and Cassidy entangled in the “friends better than lovers” mess. Enter Kye McClellan. Woo, make some place, hotness coming through!!! And, then the master bedroom was a never a dull place. Claire Thompson does a plausible work convincing the vulnerabilities of the three protagonists with their fear and exploration of love and sex. Ha! Look I’m fucking Freud now. Coke much? Diet Coke for my J Walker, bitches! The sexual encounters are hotness overlapping. Thompson never disappoints on the orgasmic front. The m/m, f/m sessions are quite mellow when compared but, then this is not a hardcore BDSM. The book plays out smoothly and rather enjoyable with an ending that is ‘pleasantly satisfying’ and with all my booze gone and with the three gypsies finally finding “home”, maybe a little S&M could have made it a little trashy. I vouch for Kye as the credible Master Dom.



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