In the Middle – Sindra van Yssel

In the Middle

If you are thinking that this is going to be another of my guttermouth fest for I’m as cheerful as the frog that just humped his mate … Booya!! It is not often that I re-read an erotica, back to back, binging on the pages with sheer ecstasy. And, on such blissful occasions I restore my sanity by shoving my badass mouth right next to Martika’s Toy Soldiers.

….he wasn’t cut out to be a dom, no matter what she wanted…

Oh sweet Daniel! You knew right from the start that you would excel as an obedient SUB regardless what Louise made you think. Cute as hell and oh so loveable, Daniel nurtured the vacant sexual span exploring the nascent dominant streak within Louise. A self-assured man who fought for Louise sexually and emotionally while dealing with the prevailing apprehensions over Louise’s equation with Rob Randall. Oh, did I mention- HOTTIE!! I adored Daniel’s protective streak for Louise to the extent of him willingly abandoning his preference for vanilla sex for brazen S&M plays. Daniel breathed the quintessence of a Submissive evolving with every sexual role-playing sessions.

Maybe he doesn’t need to be told. My pleasure was pretty damned obvious

Rob Randall blew me away!! A methodical Domme, impeccable in every sense. He pushed the right buttons depicting the absolute discipline of a Domme , making Louise scream and letting me have my own toe curling moments with flamboyance. Lulu’s online lover- Rob a.ka. Randall X, hotness overflows as Rob enhances the spark of dominance in his training sessions with Lulu. Randall’s tough act emulating his rock solid abs steals a look into his veiled compassion for Lulu, making him even more irresistible. Rob Randall is the ultimate Domme! You rock my socks! Mind, Body and Soul. Ahem…leaning more towards the “Body” aspects.

I want them both. Master and slave.

Louise! Lulu! Mistress! Slave girl! Call her whatever the mood beckons, but she’s one hell of a Switch! Not the one to be bogged down by her sexual preferences, Lulu becomes an instant favourite with her audacious demeanour to act on her long cultivated desires. Why would a girl fancy choosing between two gorgeous and sexually endowed men when she could have them both, each fulfilling her sexual strengths and weaknesses? The prowess of a Switch comfortably sits between the command of a Domme and the compliance of a Submissive.

The three of them coming into their own in the dimly lit interiors of Velvet Mansion, excelling every bit in their sexual roles, the BDSM pleasure culmination into shuddering orgy and the alternating tenderness with twitching soreness, a Switch indulging in simultaneous sexual gratification from a Domme and Submissive; a simulating ménage coruscating multiple orgasm through the inhibitions of purely sexual beings. It had me cheering loudly for this ravishing trio. **wolf whistles everywhere** I wouldn’t change a thing! Neither with the BDSM scenarios nor with the trio revelling in heart stopping sexual magnetism. That’s what love is, submissive, Dominant, I don’t care. Not wanting half or just one side. The whole Louise. Submissive and Domme. Yeah lick, shove, push, whip baby!! Whip it bare!

An alluring erotica should act as a foreplay to your reading receptivity, seducing with each word, each scripted sexual act , each scene created, slowly creeping into shrinking theatrical pettiness , the clichéd nuances giving way to an enthralling ambience culminating into the climactic euphoria revealing the potency of the fashioned protagonists. Sindra van Yssel knows her art with dexterous precision. Not a single dreary or rhetoric moment. The entire progression of the BDSM settings outshines with its clear-cut detailing and knowledgeable productivity. I loved every bit! Sindra take bow! Your prose not only did shut my intoxicating guttermouth but you have earned my utmost respect,the ardent BDSM/Erotica reader.

5/5 *****


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