Light Switch – Lauren Gallagher

Light Switch

Hot sex with Matt in between hot sex with Scott?…. When sentences become some sort of a road map to scout more sex scenes, you know the book is going to tumble somewhere. There is inner voice yelling – “ Bitch! don’t start with that “we need another hot sex scene” shit again! You say that shit every time you pick up an erotica!” And then I wondered, why the fuck was I watching ‘the Boondocks’ while reading this book. A Pimp Named Slickback, is that my alter ego now? Whateve bitchless! Imma seeing some poker face cockiness or somethin’…..I’m going back to the road map. Couple stop signs later…..Ooooh, a St. Andrews Cross!……a G-spot!….. Krissy wants fire and ice. A devil and an angel. Calm and crazy. Right in my face! Big ass neon sign- ‘Polyamoury’! There’s the winning streak!! I recognize the game now. You need an intervention! Your arteries are so clogged with that BDSM shit. Slickback, shut the fuck! It’s “A Pimp Named Slickback”. Are you deaf? Now, take my pimp hand and pray to the Lord.

3/5 ***


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